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Oriamdev was established in 2021. We felt the need to offer tailored technological solutions to give our clients the instruments that can improve decision making and resource management. We want to be your partner, understand your needs so we can come to the best solution address to you.

We love technology, we aim to transform analogical into digital so our clients can see technology as an ally in the journey to achive their goals.We stand by our values: honesty, quality, responsibility, wisdom and honour, so we can develop our projects and help everyone involved to have the best possible experience, adding enthusiasms and knowledge to our daily routines.


Web development

Reaching out or attracting new clients and offering a better service for usual clients are the two most frequent reasons to develop a website. Although, there are more, it can be useful to offer information targeted to specific audience about projects, events, initiatives or whatever itmight be your need. Do you want to know more about the different options you can choose from?


The world has learnt that is possible increase the sales volume with e-commerce, but also offering a better service, reaching new geographical targets without needing to invest in physical stores or neglecting safety and legal compliance.Are you ready to step forward and grow further?

Web applications

Internet has become an extension from us, we love to have the opportunity of choosing, comparing, giving our opinion or rate, tracking, managing, sharing, shopping, learning and so on...Everything we want to do with a minimal effortHow far are you willing to go?


Consulting the right person that has the knwoledge up-to-date and the experience in an specific area saves time, money and effort, allows to take better decisions and manage resourses in a more efficient way.As technology is a tool, do you want to learn more about the way you can use it in your own benefit?

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